Aquinas College

With about 1,950 full time 16-19 year old students Aquinas College, based in Stockport, is one of the largest Catholic sixth form colleges in the country.

The Challenge

Lesson registration was needed for a large number of 6th form students to encourage them to take responsibility for their own timekeeping by being trusted to self register; for this the solution chosen needed to be reliable, fast and simple to use. Aquinas has it’s own in-house developed MIS so the chosen system had to be flexible enough to integrate with this and provide management information quickly and reliably. In addition it was important that each lessons attendance marks would be automatically fed from the attendance system into the MIS in real time. For simplicity of operation fingertip detection was required, readers would be deployed in every classroom – 109 in total.

The Solution

A site wide Live Register Lesson Registration system was installed in the Summer of 2010. This consisted of wall mounted fingertip detection points in each classroom, all connected via POE (Power Over Ethernet) plus USB connected fingertip scanners for student enrolment and full integration with the Aquinas MIS. The wall mounted readers have an integrated key pad to cater for students who do not wish to use fingertip (in practice this is a very small number). On-going communication and co-operation with Aquinas College has been excellent and has allowed Live Register to refine and streamline the Live Register Attendance system in a real, and demanding, customer environment.

Customer Comments

It’s difficult to quantify how much time the system has saved the College but it is significant; teacher’s no longer spend time taking the register, they can focus on starting the class and getting on with the job of teaching. The sense of responsibility given to the students for registering has worked and a combination of Live Register Lesson Registration, in conjunction with other pastoral measures, has led to a distinct improvement in the attitude to timekeeping and absenteeism amongst the students. In the three years that we’ve been using the system it has proven itself to be reliable, accurate and trustworthy.

“ The support from Live Register over the years has been second to none, we feel we are in a partnership where both sides are constantly striving for improvement.
Anna Holt, Head Of MIS
Aquinas College