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Access Control

The Live Register Access Control module will cope with even the most complex security policy and can enhance our electronic registration providing an accurate list of those on site. Staff and Visitors can easily be granted access with Biometric, Card or PIN.

Should you require faster entry and/or prevent tail-gating then our readers can be incorporated into turnstiles. We work closely with KABA to provide an integrated solution with turnstiles/automatic doors.

Our MIS integration means Policies can be created which use groups managed within your MIS such as academic year, form group, class or house.

We can manage the whole project including design, installation and support or alternatively we can supply our readers to be integrated into a third party access control solution.

Site security is managed centrally using our Access Control Manager software. Updates to site policy are enforced the moment they are committed.

Our readers are available in a waterproof version and so can be used on external doors/gates.