Cashless Catering

Speed up your lunch time service and remove cash. Increasingly schools are choosing to reduce the need for students to carry cash and our cashless payment systems tick all the boxes. Not just for checkouts in the canteen but also for 24/7 vending and pre order collection points.

Key Features

  • Cash free - less administration and much faster transaction handling
  • Menu planning - comprehensive reporting to identify most / least popular items
  • Healthier diets - meal items can be scored to support healthy eating reward schemes
  • Spending control - default daily limits can be set for whole school or individuals
  • Photo verification - PoS terminals can display pupil images if available
  • Staff duty meals - meals credited automatically assigned to staff for scheduled duty days
  • Flexible PoS terminals - customisable colour touch screen display presentation

Main Benefits

With Live Register cashless catering, the school meal service is transformed

  • Increased revenue - as more money is spent on school meals.
  • Supports healthy eating programmes - with extensive reporting and student meal points.
  • Reduces queuing - with rapid, more efficient till service.
  • Cuts down on bullying - as no cash or cards are carried by pupils.
  • Takes away any stigma associated with free meals - every student pays for their meal in the same way.