Attendance Monitoring

Self registration not only saves time for staff but also gives real-time attendance data. Students sign in the moment they are on site and statutory AM/PM registers are taken automatically. Accurately recording which students are on site is not only a statutory requirement it is a must.

Key Features

  • Self-Registration by pupils - for AM/PM, lesson time or ad-hoc.
  • Real time - giving an accurate view of who's in school.
  • MIS integration - extends your existing school management system.
  • Comprehensive reporting - enabling informed decision making.
  • Complete flexibility - terminals can be located where needed.
  • Attendance monitoring - helps you to identify potential problems sooner.
  • Training - our expert staff ensure you're operational in no time.
  • Staff registration - option to include staff as well as pupils.

Main Benefits

Live Register is very simple to install and use - staff need little or no training and students find it quick, easy and fun to use.

  • Helps to reduce unauthorised absence - makes first day contact easy.
  • Releases extra time to teaching and administrative staff - students are responsible for registering themselves.
  • Up to the minute information and reporting - no need to collect registers or process OMR sheets.
  • Complete flexibility allowing registration to take place anywhere, anytime - by using a combination of stand-alone terminals and portable USB scanners.