Mount Grace School

Mount Grace is a mixed comprehensive academy in Potters Bar, with over 1000 students on roll including nearly 200 in the sixth form.

The Challenge

The school and Hertfordshire Catering were looking for a system to bring efficiency, visibility and increased revenue to the catering operation at Mount Grace. Fingertip detection was the preferred choice to eliminate the on-going cost and administration of cards and tills would be sited at dispersed locations which might cause a challenge. It was hoped that a large portion of the money coming into the system would be via online payment.

The Solution

Five tills were installed, with control from a central location for the catering manager and one cash loader was used. SIMS integration was carried out in advance of the system coming online and is automatically kept up with new users during term time or at the start of a new years intake. Wisepay online payment was chosen and integration with the Live Register cashless catering system needed to be very tight as the school expected to rely heavily on payments being made online.

Customer Comments

Central access to reports means that even with tills in different locations it is possible to view what is going through each in real time. Fingertip detection has been fast and reliable, allowing us to deal with around 1,000 transactions daily. The convenience for parents is excellent; their online account means that money paid in is available to be spent within fifteen minutes, they can track what their children have been eating and they can keep the account topped up quickly. Live Register has hugely increased the efficiency of the whole catering operation; smooth online payment, speed of throughput, clear reporting and the ability to easily make changes to menus and promotions to maximise revenue have all been major contributors to growing takings by 11% last year.

“ The convenience of paying in for parents means that student’s accounts are kept topped up, they are seldom overdrawn; the system just ticks along with minimal involvement.
Sarah Haws, Accounts Manager
Mount Grace School