St Dominic's Sixth Form College

St Dominic's Sixth Form College is a Roman Catholic Sixth Form college on Harrow-on-the-Hill. It is regularly rated among the top FE institutions in England. The college has approximately 1,000 students aged between 16 and 18 and around 100 members of staff.

The Challenge

St Dominic’s has a relatively large number of sixth form student’s and while access around the site has to respect the level of freedom expected by students of this age there are times and places on campus where secure access control is needed; it is important that changes to the level of access of specific areas onsite can be controlled flexibly and simply.

The Solution

The Live Register’s Access Control system has been applied to ve entrance doors and four turnstiles. As Live Register’s Attendance system was already in use, fingertip information was already in the system so deploying the Access Control system was a matter of adding the new software module and associated access control hardware; the biometric identification side was already taken care of and sta and students were able to start using the new access controlled areas seamlessly. Integration with the colleges Management Information System was already in place through the Attendance System which means that the Access Control system is also automatically updated and any changes to student information in the MIS are quickly picked up and changed.

Customer Comments

Central control is a huge benefitt; for example, with Access Control, varying levels of security can be easily deployed to match onsite activities; this includes day to day student movements where it is possible to grant selective access to gym and changing facilities in the sport centre....or parents evenings and other
organised events where visitors are onsite. It is particularly useful during "quiet times" (half terms, evenings).... when the system represents a saving on security staff hours while maintaining security and convenient access for the few staff who are onsite. The system has proven to be reliable and dependable,
support has been excellent – everything necessary for a system that forms part of the colleges overall security plan.

“ Central control of external doors and turnstiles gives us the flexibility to change access levels depending on activities across the site; Live Register has proven to be a safe and dependable system for controlling college security.
Mike McConigley, IT Director
St Dominic’s Sixth Form College